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About Us

The Northwest Ohio 5th District Wrestling Officials Association is dedicated to promoting the sport of amateur wrestling.  Our officials are licensed professionals who take pride in their knowledge of the letter and spirit of the rules as written by the NFHS and interpreted by the OHSAA.

Interested in becoming an official?

The Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA), in conjunction with the National Federation of High Schools, requires that all officials become fully licensed.  First year officials are required to take an introductory officiating class taught by trained officials.  Officials are then required to attend one state rules interpretation meeting and four local rules interpretation meetings each year to maintain their license.  If you are interested in becoming an official, please click here and it will redirect to the OHSAA Officiating page.


The NW 5th District Wrestling Officials Association will be offering a mandatory course for those interested in becoming a wrestling official.  Initial class meeting is May 5, with other classes and on-mat training TBD.  Dates, times, and locations are flexible based on enrollees.  The class fee of $90.00 includes your first year OHSAA membership and classroom materials.  Anyone interested in more information can email Kelly Ducey or call (419) 708-3468.​

The procedure for enrolling is as follows:


1) Go to and click on REGISTER if they have never been an official or had a myOHSAA account before (coach?).


2) Go through the registration process by entering name, Username, password and email.


3) OHSAA will then send an email to verify a valid email address.  After verifying the email a page will ask for mailing address, phone, etc...


4) After the registration is complete, log in to using the Username and password and click on "FIND A CLASS" in the left hand column.  Search for Wrestling in the drop down menu.  A list of all of the classes around the state will be displayed.  




Prospective students that have conflicts with the class dates can contact me at and we can make arrangements for alternate class dates.

Class Description

What you can expect:
The prospective wrestling official will receive a minimum of 25 hours of instruction on the rules and mechanics of the sport of wrestling. Class sessions will be dedicated to the relationship of the OHSAA and officials, how to deal with emotionally charged situations, how to get matches, where to purchase uniforms and equipment, where to find a local officials association and all related information to provide each prospective official with an opportunity for success. The goal of each instructor is to provide every student with enough knowledge and proficiency to be successful at the entry level in sports officiating. Covid-19 safety protocols will be observed.
What is expected of you: 
It is expected that each student be proficient in reading and writing. Officials need to be mobile and in good physical condition.  Officials will be engaged in strenuous physical activity, therefore you should be ambulatory and have the necessary level of physical fitness required for wrestling. You are expected to attend every class. You will be required to pay an instructional fee. At the conclusion of classes and prior to your first match assignment you will be expected to purchase your own equipment and uniform. You will be required to be proficient in mechanics. You will also be required to receive at least 75% on two written, final exams: one on rules and one on mechanics.
Class Fee:
The class fee includes Rules and Case Books and your OHSAA license for the 2022-2023 wrestling season.
Concussion Training: 
Prior to completing the class and receiving your permit, you are required by the OHSAA to complete additional concussion training. 
On Mat Training:
In addition to class time, the prospective official will observe actual matches, working alongside the licensed instructors to get the feel for an actual match. This on-mat experience is required and may involve traveling to various schools/events in northwest Ohio.  Due to the uncertainty of available tournaments during the Spring, on-mat training may need to be continued into the Fall/Winter.
Location and Dates:
Due to concern for the safety of the participants and instructors, the location and dates for this class will be flexible after the first night.  Covid-19 safety protocols will be observed when deciding class locations.




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